So you’ve seen our work, know the kind of portrait session you need, and have some kind of an idea of what you would like to hang in your home. Let’s talk about the process.

What’s included in a Portrait Session?

Pre-consultation – We want the experience to be perfect! And we want to provide you with exactly the images you want for your home and loved ones. There are no cookie-cutter poses or settings here. Pre-consultation (usually by phone or email) lets both of us ask questions to be sure that we understand the best way to serve you. Once we determine what you are looking for, we can talk about wardrobe, locations and the best ways to prepare for a great session.

The Photo session – Remember going to the mall or the studio and cramping yourself into those awkward poses, while being told to relax? We promise not to put you through that. Most of our clients find our sessions to be an enjoyable experience. Hopefully, every time you look at your images, you will remember that day that you all spent together making these memories.

We can shoot at your home, a local park, in the city, or at someplace that has special significance to you. We’ll take all the time we need to get great images, without wasting your time. You will never feel rushed because the next client is standing in line behind you, waiting their turn. Oh, by the way, we have kids, know that dogs never cooperate when you need them to, and realize sometimes you have to have a “plan B”. So just relax, and let us take care of the day.

Print review session – We won’t make you scroll through an online gallery or flash drive with tiny images you can hardly see in order to make your choices. We’ll review the images with you, helping you select those that will best meet the needs that we talked about in our pre-consultation. We’ll help you determine the best print sizes, papers, finishes, wall art, and other options. When we’re finished, we know that you want images and products that will satisfy you for years to come. 

Professional processing – Every image that you choose will be carefully reviewed and thoroughly processed for the best color, contrast, and overall image quality. We’ll take care of blemishes, stray hairs, and anything else that doesn’t reflect who you truly are. 

Prints and Products – Your prints, wall art, and published materials will be delivered directly to your door. You’ll choose the package that best suits your needs and your budget, then select the options within that package. Need something extra? We have a wide variety of items that can be added to your package. And we even offer discounts at various package levels, to give you the best value possible.

Cost for Portrait Sessions

Prices begin at $229. Most clients spend between $400 to $500.

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