Living History Photography Workshop

Living history sites are ideal for photography, regardless of the type of camera you have, your skill level, or your favorite subject matter. Over the last few years, I have begun traveling across several states to shoot at immersive events and battle reenactments and I have met a number of you along the way! If you read my blog with any regularity at all, you have undoubtedly seen some of my living history images. In addition to my own personal work at these sites, I occasionally host living history photography workshops to teach others how to get the best images they can at events or even during midweek visits to a historic site.

The workshop was born out of specific questions that I frequently receive regarding living history photography, and out of my observation that the best way to learn something – especially something as visual as photography – is to actually DO it. One can only learn so much from YouTube videos and blog posts. As a result, the workshop is a hands-on experience. We only spend an hour in a classroom session before heading outside to shoot.

We start at 9:30 in the morning with an instructional session. We’ll consider some creative and compositional ideas that will suit you no matter where or what you like to photograph, as well as consider some concepts that are particularly applicable to living history sites and events.

Living History Photography Workshop
This image was taken at a previous workshop

Then we’ll take our cameras and head outside to put what we have learned into practice. At first, we will work on some particular shots together, taking advantage of what the site – and whatever lighting Mother Nature provides for us on that day – in some specific settings with some suggestions for that setup. Then I’ll turn you loose to shoot whatever catches your eye, staying close enough to answer any questions you might have.

By the way, whatever camera you own is just fine. Yes, you can capture great images with your cell phone! If you have a DSLR, mirrorless, or a point and shoot that you love, bring it (them). But don’t feel like you need a particular camera to join us. This is not a technical photography class, with a discussion of settings and lenses and f-stops. Our focus (no pun intended) is on finding and creating the best images that you can with the tools you already know.

After the event, we’ll share our images in a private Facebook group. Stay in the group as long as you would like to keep up with living history events in our area, as well as to ask questions related to Living History photography.

Water and light snacks will be provided. Wear comfortable shoes and don’t forget your sunscreen and insect repellant.

Our next living history photography workshop will be held on Saturday, August 28, 2021 at Historic Brattonsville near Rock Hill, South Carolina. If you are a member of Brattonsville, the event is free! If not, you only need to pay your admission ($8) to the site. Just drop me a note to reserve your spot. Seating is limited!

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