Living History Photography Workshop at Historic Latta

Living History Photography Workshop at Historic Latta Plantation
Historic Latta Plantation

SOLD OUT! The event is sold out, but drop me a note to be placed on the waiting list, or to be informed of the next time we host a similar workshop.

Living history sites are ideal for photography, regardless of the type of camera you have, your skill level, or your favorite subject matter. Over the last few years I have begun traveling (Covid-permitting) across several states to shoot at immersive events and battle reenactments, and I have met a number of you along the way! If you read my blog with any regularity at all, you have undoubtedly seen some of my living history images. Now, I’m very happy to tell you about the first living history photography workshop that I will be hosting next month.

The workshop was born out of specific questions that I frequently receive regarding living history photography, and out of my observation that the best way to learn something – especially something as visual as photography – is to actually DO it. One can only learn so much from YouTube videos and blog posts.

Initial plans were being laid for the first living history workshops last year, then the pandemic sent us all back home for a while. Now, as things are beginning to reopen, and we are starting to get a better idea of how to behave safely in public, we’re ready to hold our first event at Historic Latta Plantation on Saturday, February 27.

We’ll start at 9:30 in the morning with an instructional session. Seating is very limited, and our classroom space is quite large, allowing us to spread out. We’ll cover some creative and compositional ideas that will suit you no matter where or what you like to photograph, as well as consider some concepts that are particularly applicable to living history sites and events.

Then we’ll take our cameras and head outside to shoot at beautiful Latta. By the way, whatever camera you have is just fine. Yes, you can capture great images with your cell phone. If you have a DSLR, mirrorless or a point and shoot that you love, bring it (them). But don’t feel like you need a particular camera to join us. We’ll work at capturing some images similar to these and more.

We’ll learn how to take advantage of the available light, both inside and out, to capture still life images, portraits and scenic landscape images. Beginning photographers will be able to apply basic compositional principles to improve their photography, and experienced shooters will be able to apply what they know to the varied subject matter of a living history site.

Support a living history site, learn and practice your photography, and enjoy a few hours with some new friends! When we’re done, we’ll share our results in a private Facebook group, where I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. And I’ll be eager to see what you do in the future. After all, Celtic Fest is only a couple of weeks after the Living History Photography Workshop at Latta!

Sorry, the event is sold out. Contact me to be placed on the mailing list, or to be contacted about future similar events.

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