Artistic Portrait Photography

Reenactors, Historical Interpreters, Cosplayers and those who dream of different times and places.

Nothing is more exciting than collaborating on an artistic vision. My work in living history photography has allowed me to meet hundreds of reenactors and historical interpreters who need artistic portrait photography, shot in the style of a particular period of history. These aren’t hurried sessions in the park. These are thoughtful, deliberate creations, sometimes shot on location, often shot in a studio.

Artistic portraits are also an excellent way for actors, cosplayers, and anyone who chooses to express themselves through the look, period and character of another.

Or maybe you’re just ready to finally have that portrait of yourself that you have dreamed of all your life.


Let’s talk about your vision, and see how we can bring it to life. Take the first step toward your artistic portrait photography session.

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