Family Picture Time

I remember as a kid, dressing up for family pictures, going to a studio (or Sears) and being told to lower my chin, tilt my head and place my hand somewhere. Then, once I had assumed this unnatural posture, I was to remain perfectly still. And smile. And relax. And wait until my brothers and parents all cooperated in the same way. Getting 5 chins in just the right place can be a challenge.

Family pictures, I think, should represent the family. As they are. I know that most Moms don’t want to hear that. Most Moms want family pictures that represent the family as we would like for it to be: cooperative, orderly, happy.

Life is usually a little messier than that. I give you exhibit A. Here’s a great family. And in this moment, we were all on the same page.

Then, somebody said, or did, something silly. And it all began to break down.

I’ll be honest. I like the second picture better. It catches more of the spirit of the family. Even Dad and Mom are having fun!

Then the little guy, who had more sense than all of us, wondering why he was lying in wet grass, surrounded by goose droppings, took a stand. Literally.

Seeing what was happening as he stood, I asked the family not to move and to let him be. I think I’m glad I did.

Family pictures should be fun. And they should create moments and memories. As for me, I will remember the hour that I got to spend with my friends, telling silly jokes, getting wet, and watching our step!

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