Battle of Camden – 2019

Technically, the event is known as Revolutionary War Field Days. But most people around here simply refer to it as the reenactment of the Battle of Camden. I leave the history of the event to others who are better suited for it but suffice it to say that the Continental Army received a stinging defeat at the hands of the British.

Today, hundreds of reenactors descend on historic Camden, South Carolina every November to set up their encampments, live as their forbears did, and provide a display of 18th-century warfare tactics, in which the Continentals lose again. Candidly, as a photographer, the battle here is hard to capture since spectators are placed behind the continental army. It is roughly the equivalent of sitting in the end zone at a football game.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t photos to be found! In fact, I’m finding that my favorite images from these events rarely have to do with the battles themselves. I enjoy wandering through the camps, looking for decent light and interesting people. And there is no shortage of them here.

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