Photo Walk in Rock Hill, SC

For the past several years, photographers around the world have gathered in their respective communities on the first Saturday in October to walk around, take pictures, enjoy one another’s company and even raise money for an African orphanage. They are part of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk.

For the first time, I was able to join a dozen others in the Photo Walk Rock Hill, SC and participate. Candidly, my participation was far more focused on the local element, rater than the worldwide scope of the day, but the event gave us a good excuse to get out and shoot together. The weather cooperated by finally giving us a break from the 90 degree days that have become the norm in South Carolina lately.

We covered a small section of downtown Rock Hill, before boarding a bus to Winthrop University, where most of us spent the bulk of our time. These are both places that deserve more exploration with a camera.

I have seen a few of the shots that others took that day. And I was again reminded of the fact that two people, looking at the same thing, raising their cameras at the same time, can walk away with such different images. Sure, some of the pictures look like they are nearly copies of one another, but those are the exceptions. More interestingly, is the fact that some members of the group saw potential images in places that the rest of us walked right by.

Personally, I found myself drawn to small details, or lines, or shapes. With few exceptions, neither Winthrop nor the city of Rock Hill would have any interest in the pictures I took on Saturday. They are not “Chamber of Commerce” shots. Frankly, most of them could have been taken anywhere. But this is what I saw.

Click the small images below to enlarge and expand them to see what I saw during our Photo Walk in Rock Hill.

I would be interested in knowing which, if any, of the images appeal to you, and why. It probably won’t change the way I take pictures, but I am always fascinated by what other people see.

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