Historic Latta Plantation in just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina hosts a number of historic events every year, including The Battle of Charlotte, an American Revolutionary War battle fought on September 26, 1780. I was able to photograph the 2019 Battle of Charlotte, as well as the “Battle of the Bees” this year and came away with several images that I was happy with. If you are interested in living history photography and live in the Charlotte area, Latta would be an excellent spot to visit.

If you are a reenactor or interpreter and see yourself in a photo below, I would be happy to send you a digital copy of your photo(s), for your own personal use or for the promotion of your unit, free of charge. Just contact me with the number(s) of the image(s) and I will get them into your inbox as quickly as possible. Of course, prints are also available.

Finally, if you were at the 2019 Battle of Charlotte and you don’t see yourself below, there is a good chance that I have an image or two of you in my files. just contact me with a description and I will see what I can find.

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